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The Case of the Magical Moving Chair

The case of the Magical Moving Chair continues with Lady Mum never catching Dexter in the act of moving it.

On any other given day when Lady Mum returns home from work, the chair is moved to face the window. This particular evening, Lady Mum is in the kitchen when she hears movement in the living room.

"Dex! What are you up to now?"

The sound of running paws can be heard and a loud thump.

Lady Mum enters the living room to see the chair facing the door and Dexter curled up on the couch looking guilty.

"Hmmm...that chair must be magical. I never see how it gets moved. Do you have any idea Dexter?"

Sitting up on the couch and looking right at Lady Mum, Dexter replies, "I have lots of ideas Lady Mum, but I keep 'em to my ownself."

"Hmmmm. We'll just have to keep watching I guess."

Flopping his body down on the couch with drama and a sigh, Dexter says, "Yep. Just gonna have ta keep watching."

Laughing, Lady Mum replies, "Oh Dex, you are all boy aren't you? Mischievous with a bit of attitude at times."

"I'm a Good Boy and a Luv Bug. That's what you say I am. I'm fast too and smart and ...."

Shaking her head and turning to go back into the kitchen, "Oh you are turning out to be many things you silly guy."

Dexter jumps off the couch, runs across the room and leaps into the recliner to settle himself in, "I'm a good jumper. Wonder what miss-cheezits means? I'm prolly good at that too."

Just another evening in the Realm.

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