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The ole 11PM to Midnight Chase The Ball game.

Updated: May 11, 2019

Its 11PM. Lady Mum has just gotten into bed. Dexter jumps up on the bed with his ball. His favorite ball. The one that squeaks.

"Lady Mum? I've got my ball."

"Yea. I can hear it Dex. Lights are out. Time for bed."

Dexter lays on his side, kicking Lady Mum and squeaking the ball.

"Dex. It is time to sleep now."

Another squeak of the ball and a muffled response, "Okay. You sleep."

Dexter knocks the ball off of the bed and leaps after it. Knocking it and chasing it around the room. The ball bounces into the hallway and down the stairs. Dexter races down the stairs after it as Lady Mum listens to the mad running around. Dexter retrieves the ball and thunders back up the stairs and onto the bed.

"Dexter! Now is not the time to play."

The ball bounces to the floor. Dexter gives Lady Mum a nudge and leaps off the bed to once again chace the ball around the room, down the stairs and back up the stairs.

Lady Mum lays there listening and waiting.

An hour goes by. Dexter is still running around the upstairs, chasing his ball when a silence descends upon the room.

Lady Mum waits a couple of minutes and flicks on the light.

There lay Dexter. Ball at his feet, sleeping. Just like that. He was done and sleeping the sleep of a pooped out pup.

Lady Mum looks at the time. It is now midnight. She lays back in her bed and chuckles, "Well. That's was interesting, loud and a bit crazy."

She leans over to gently pet Dexter and whispers, "Schlaph gut ya silly boy."

And so ends another day in the Realm.

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