What's a pogo stick?

Dexter wakes Lady Mum up at 5:30 a.m. with a flap of his ears right in her face, just as Digger used to do.

With a groan, Lady Mum reaches out to pet Dexter. "Ughh...Good Morning Dexter."

Dexter runs in a quick circle and comes back to Lady Mum. "Ya getting up? Let's do something! We can go for a walk! Wanna go for a walk! I gotta go!"

Laughing, Lady Mum rolls out of bed with Dexter jumping around her excitedly and tripping her up as she tries to get dressed.

Once downstairs, Lady Mum gets bundled up and Dexter harnessed. "Ready Dex?'

Pacing in front of the door, "Yes!! I'm ready! I'm ready!"

Out the door they go, into the cold dark of an early morning. "Dexter, look at those stars this morning. Goodness they are beautiful."

Dexter looks up "Is that what those are? Stars?"

"Yep. Pretty aren't they?"

Dexter looks at Lady Mum with a tilt of his head, "I don't know, but they sparkle. Hey! You smell that Lady Mum? Over there! Let's go! What is it?"

Lady Mum, very thankful for the long line she has Dexter on, watches as he runs towards the woods. He reaches the end of his line and jumps straight up in the air, as if on a pogo stick.

Laughing out loud, "Dexter, you look like your on a pogo stick! Ya silly dog, what are you doing?"

Still jumping up and down, "There is something out there Lady Mum! I smell it! I think I see it! Can we go? Can we go?"

"No Dex, we are not racing into the woods. The line will get tangled, I'll more than likely end up getting hurt and you'll take off."

"But I wanna run in there! Come on, let me go! Go! Go!"

Lady Mum holds tight to the line and says firmly, "Nein Dexter!" Dexter immediately stops, sits and turns to look at Lady Mum.

"That means No right Lady Mum. I listened. I listened."