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Gram visits Otis

Updated: Dec 12, 2018

"Gram" stops by Sissy's to visit and is enthusiastically greeted by her Grand-Dog, Otis. He is filled with excitement and questions.

Otis: Gram!! HELLO! Oh my gosh Mum, look! It's Gram!

Gram: Well hello there ya big goof. Settle a bit. I have a surprise for you.

Otis: A surprise! Is it a treat? We going outside? What is it?! What IS it?!

Gram: Now sit for a minute and you'll see ya silly guy.

Otis: *running to his Mum* Mum! Gram said surprise! What's a surprise? What IS it?? *running back to Gram and sitting, then jumping up, then sitting*

Gram: Oats! Sit. Nicely now.

Otis: *sitting in front of Gram, anticipation all over his goofy face* Like this? LOOK! I'm sitting!

Gram reaches into her bag and pulls out a new ball.

Otis: *jumps up and runs in circles* OH MY GOSH!! A BALL!! A BALL! Throw it Gram!!

Gram: *laughing, she tosses the ball down the hallway*

Otis: *brings the ball back and drops it at Grams feet* AGAIN!

Gram: *tosses the ball across the kitchen*

Otis: *stops in his tracks and looks at Gram* Can't go that way Gram.

Gram: Why not Oats? Go get the ball silly.

Otis: I don't do slippy floors.

Gram: Otis, you can do it.

Otis: *sits at the edge of the linoleum* I can only walk backward on slippy floors.*

Gram: *laughing * Oh my goodness, I forgot about that little quirk of yours.

Otis: What's a quirk? Throw the BALL! Over there! That way! Hey!! Let's go for a walk! Did you bring treats?

Gram: *looking at Sissy *

Sissy: *shrugging her shoulders* Well Mom, you're the one who spoils him!

Gram shakes her head, gets the leash and she and Otis head outside; with Otis pulling Gram along and chattering the entire time, non-stop, about the neighbors, smells, treats and his new ball.

Otis and his new ball

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