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I'll just take a quick nap...

Updated: Feb 12, 2019

Lady Mum comes home from work to a very exuberant Dexter.

After a long walk in the rain and supper, Dexter begins racing around the house.

Upstairs and onto the bed, a giant leap off and back downstairs into the dining room. Back upstairs with a jump on the bed and another giant leap to the floor. Racing around the house like a crazy thing. Ears flapping and a huge smile on his face.

Lady Mum stands out of the way watching, laughing and cheering him on.

"Wow Dex! Look at you go! You are FAST! Whoo Hoo!!"

After a few laps around the house, Dexter races into the living room, grabs his ball and leaps onto the couch and plops down, apparently done.

"Ya done now dexter? That was quite the crazy burst of energy!"

Dexter curls up, making sure his ball is secure, glances up at Lady Mum and says, "I think I'll take a quick nap Lady Mum ."

Lady Mum sits on the couch, pets Dexter and softly says, "Go right ahead silly. I'll be here."

Mumbling, Dexter replies, "You'll be here?"

"Yep. Right here Dex."

Eyes closing, "OK. We go for a walk again?"

Lady Mum laughs, "Yes. We'll go for another walk. Sleep now ya crazy dog."

Dexter falls asleep as Lady Mum sits beside him thinking that it has been quite some time since she's had a younger dog with so much energy.

Looking over to Digger's picture, she says, "Well Dig, what do ya think? Think I can keep up with this guy?"

A minute goes by and Lady Mum swears she hears a snort. She turns again towards Diggers picture and laughs.

"Yea, yea. I heard that fuzzy butt."

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