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🎶Riding The Storm Out🎶

Lady Mum and Dexter are taking their evening walk out in the field as Lady Mum is watching the sky turn all kinds of dark when her phone starts blaring a Tornado Warning siren.

"Dex, time to head back bud. Storm's a comin."

"Ah man...we just got out Here! I don't wanna go in!

Watching the sky as the wind suddenly picks up, Lady Mum says, "Now Dex. We have to get back now!"

Back in the house, Lady Mum grabs the emergency basket, Dexter's leash, bowl, water, lantern and snacks and they head down into the basement and set up camp.

"I'm never allowed down here Lady Mum. What's going on? How come the air sounds funny?"

"Big storm sweet guy. We're gonna hang out down here for a bit."

Dexter puts his head on Lady Mum's lap and says, "Are you scared?"

Petting Dexter, she replies, "Nope. We're all set here. Got all we need. We're good sweetie."

Dexter turns and sits, leaning up against Lady Mum's leg. "Okay. But if you're scared, I'll stay right here by you."

"Thank you Dexter."

Lady Mum begins to sing the only song that pops in her head, "Riding the storm out...." by REO Speedwagon.

Dexter turns his head to look at Lady Mum and says, "You gonna sing that for a while?"

Tapping her foot to the beat in her head, she replies, "Oh, probably."

With a sigh, Dexter lays down and falls asleep as Lady Mum sings.

The adventures continue in the Realm.

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