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So...I've got this rope

After a 5 a.m. morning flap of the ears wake up from Dexter and Lady Mum with coffee in hand, the two head out into the chilly darkness for a walk.

Dexter runs for about 20 feet and stops, standing statue-still and mumbles out of the side of his mouth, "Lady Mum! You see that?"

Lady Mum, not seeing anything replies, "Nope. I see nothing Dexter."

"It's out there Lady Mum."

Lady mum, still seeing nothing in the dark says, "Dex, I don't see anything."

Dexter begins jumping up and down as if on a pogo stick, "It's out there! It is! What is it?"

Lady Mum continues to look and still sees nothing. "Dex, I honestly see nothing."

With a sigh Dexter says, "Eh, ok. Lets go out to the big yard" and just like that, Dexter stops jumping and heads toward the field.

Shaking her head, Lady Mum follows Dexter as he sniffs his way along the path to the field.

Dexter picks up speed with lady Mum trying to keep up, "Watch that icy spot Dexter! Hold up! Don't pull on the line! I have to be....oooph....."

Dexter turns back to look at Lady Mum, "What's oooph mean? Whatcha doing? Hey...why ya standing like that?"

Lady Mum, working to keep her balance on the ice and trying to pull a pricker branch out of her hat says, "Dex, I'm stuck here."

"Oh! Ok. Let's go!" And he takes off while Lady Mum is yanked forward across the ice with her hat staying behind, stuck to the thorns on the branch.


"Wha? Hey, where's you head cover ? Let's go over there ok? Come on! Let's run!"

Talking to herself, Lady Mum does her best to trot along behind Dexter and mumbles "Oye...I guess I'll get my hat on the way back."

Half an hour later, back in the house, Dexter finishes his breakfast while Lady Mum works on pulling thorns out of her hat. Dexter races into the living room and returns with his rope.

"So, I've got this rope Lady Mum...."

Another day in the Realm begins.

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