The case of the missing Ciabatta Rolls

Updated: Apr 11, 2019

It was a regular Saturday in the Realm. Lady Mum and Dexter had taken their early morning walk. Once back at the house, Lady Mum took care of her weekly chores and was getting ready to go to the grocery store. As she headed out the door, she turned back to say to Dexter, "Be a good boy Dex, I'll be back in about an hour."

Dexter, sitting and leaning against the wall, turned sad eyes to her and softly said "okay."

One hour later, Lady Mum returns. She enters the house and is greeted by an enthusiastic Dexter. Lady Mum gets all of her bags on the kitchen counter and turns to pet Dexter. As she is leaning down, she notices the Ciabatta Roll bag on the floor.

She knows it was on the counter when she left and that there were six rolls in there. But upon closer inspection of this bag, she sees that there is only one roll left in the bag.

Turning to Dexter she asks, "What did you do Dexter?"

Dexter, seeing that Lady Mum noticed the bag on the floor, leaves the room with his head hanging low.

"Dexter, where are the rolls? I sincerely hope you did not eat all of them! You'll be sick."

Lady Mum begins to walk through the house, looking for rolls.

She finds one roll in a plant, covered with dirt and another roll in the dining room under the table. Laughing she says, "Okay Dexter. That's two. Where are the rest?"

Dexter follows Lady Mum as she walks through the house, not say