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What's that out there?

Updated: Feb 12, 2019

Dexter has found the perfect spot to sit and watch the action outside.

"Lady Mum? We going for a walk?"

"Dex, we just went for a long walk half an hour ago."

Dexter heaves a big sigh and turns to look out the window, acting very deprived.

Chuckling, Lady Mum asks "What do ya see out there Dex?"

"Pretty sure that's a squirrel. If I was out there, I could chase him."

"Oh, I am positive you would be a good chaser. We need to learn a bit yet."

Turning to look at Lady Mum, "I'm smart."

"Yes you are Dex. Very smart."

"I'm fast too, and I can jump and dig and jump and run and throw toys and..."

Laughing, "You are good at many things."

Turning once again to look out the window, "We going for a walk soon?"

"In a bit Dex, we just got in remember?"

Jumping off the bench, into the chair and plopping down with an annoyed groan, "I guess I'll just take a nap then."

Lady Mum watches as Dexter's eyes begin to close.

"We go for a walk when I wake up?"

Lady Mum walks over to pet Dexter. "Yes Dex, we'll go out when you wake up."

Dexter's eyes close and he falls asleep as Lady Mum continues to pet him.

Whispering, "You're keeping me hopping young guy, that is for sure. I need to thank you for that. I'm seeing the little things I've not noticed in a while. You are a blessing."

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